Hiya! I've started two new books since my last blog author update. One, is a remake of Beliefs Before Blood, and the other is a simple project I'm working on with my friends. We're always saying how immature we are, and how different we are, how we're the outcasts of our school. Life at school is really amusing, and hilarious! And when I say, "immature," I mean we say the strangest things, all the time. Imagine being a teenage girl in the group of misfits, then imagine the daily life of 'em. This project is what we're beginning to call Immaturity. 
But back to Beliefs Before Blood, new story, plot, and characters. Wanna see what I'm leaning on for the back cover? Well, here it is, and don't forget to tell me what you think:

Four years ago, I thought I knew everything. 

Four years ago, I was day-dreaming about the supernatural. 
Four years ago, I was living in ignorant bliss, not knowing what secrets were hidden in the four corners of the Earth, but I was wishing I did.
But now I do know, and I wish I didn't. Because it's far worse than anything I ever could've imagined, and I was a part of it. A part of that
But I can't be any longer. So I'm going to hide in the one place that's too obvious for anyone to find me: home.
And I'm fine with the decision I've made, to forever stay alone. The question is, is fate?

So.... Whatchya thinkin'? Wanna read it? 

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