Yes. I want to be a best-selling author, who writes great books. Just like every
other book-obsessed teenager.
But.... I just can't. No matter how hard I try,
how much I plan, and how much I wrote, my stories just fade. I mean, if I get
bored of writing it, how could anyone stay interested in reading it? Is this
just nerves and paranoia, or, is that normal for authors? Does it just depends
on your persistence?  
So I need help. Some tips, if you
If you are an author, please answer the following questions by
emailing to the contract below.

How do you create you

How do you get your ideas? Do they just pop up during random

I prefer to write and read from first-person point of view, any
suggestions on that?

And I can't stay in the same time tense, I'll
randomly skip around from present- to past-tense. How do you do it.

how do you get it to seem like your not trying to explain little details that
you'd already know if you were the character?
How do you create setting and

Please answer these, and thank
11/2/2013 09:11:30 am

Corection. I meant "your" not "you characters".


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