Here's an update. We (who wish to remain anonymous) have yet to decide a name. No one can agree on anything. It's exhausting, really. And here's the catch: there's me and one other person. But, this group is about conspiracies, and to believe them, and dedicate yourself to them, you've got to be tough. Tough as in "stubborn and not really caring what other people think," so both of us can be stuck to an idea like a librarian to her books, if you know what I mean. So. What I'm getting at is that... I'm getting no progress. Ugh.... It makes me really upset, and a little ticked. But, that's the beauty of "Coming Soon" as I'd said. No one can say it's been post-poned, because no official release date has been set. But that doesn't mean I don't know, or that I didn't tell you guys. =D

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