Well, I haven't had anyone like or comment on a Can You Relate? blog, yet. So, tomorrow is the one week anniversary of it. And if no one comments or likes one- just one!- of my Can You Relate? posts by tomorrow at midnight, I'm letting the blog go. It will be cancelled. Unless someone takes the first step, and will be the first to EVER like one of my blogs, I will be cancelling the Can You Relate? blog FOR GOOD.
1/9/2014 08:44:59 pm

It's tough to find a weekly or daily theme that resonates with people. Maybe consider looking for popular themes on other blogs? Maybe try one a week instead of every day?

A recurring theme I've seen on other blogs is "Something I like" -- maybe pointing to a book, an author, a picture, something you find inspiring. Making it more personal often helps get people reacting.

Hope this helps!

1/21/2014 01:01:55 pm

This is the best movie I have ever seen


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