Okay, so remember how I said that this wasn't about make-up, or anything like that? Well... Okay, I take that back. This IS about make-up. Many rich, popular, teenage bi- brats (I was going to say, "brats," all along) say that make-up enhances true beauty. I say otherwise, because that is truly just a load of golden bull crap. Don't agree, girls? Think about it: true beauty is "inner beauty," or so says just about every fairy tale out there. Well, if that's true, character is a major part of inner beauty. And a major part of character is being able to show and be proud of your true-self, and that's you, without make-up. So, make-up is for those out there not bold enough to show their true selves, and, instead, choose to hide behind the mask of how they want others to see them.

However, I see another side in this equation. Make-up, for some people, is just an expression of inner emotion that they're too afraid to speak aloud. So, instead, they choose to express through their apparel and attire. Certain attire gives off certain vibes, leaving others to subconsciously understand it. Let's say, you and a couple of friends are walking through a shopping mall, having a good time and all. Then, you see someone all alone, dressed in  complete black, with make-up and dyed hair, with a frown upon his face, and an empty, far-away look in his/her eyes. Would you go up and talk to this person, if you hadn't been/weren't in that very same situation, or knew this person? If you would, you either live in a fairy tale world, are very stupid, or have some sort of death wish. If so, please go get some help. Less things to hear about that makes me think this world is pathetic on the news. Thanks! But, anyway, back on track.

So, yeah. I guess it depends on your situation about the whole make-up thing. But, most of the time, make-up is for teenage bi- ... Brats...

7/2/2014 12:33:17 pm

You are mah hero, Faith.


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