Before you go and say that this idea is preposterous,  think about it. Hear me out. There are hieroglyphics in America, in what has become known as "Burrow's Cave." Is it possible that the Egyptians came into what is now known as America? Certainly. Alexander, son of Cleopatra, went missing from history after the age of ten, after his mother and fathers' suicide. No one famous EVER goes missing from history. Elvis died, evidently, and so did Marilynn Monroe. They didn't "disappear" from history. They died. And there was news about it. If Alexander died, there would've been some form of document. No, he ran away from Egypt, with other people, to America. In the cave in Illinois, there were artifacts, showing Alexander Helios, older. How do they- I know that it was him? His name in hieroglyphs were on those artifacts.

Native American tribes over by the Grand Canyon say their ancestors came from the Grand Canyon. Now, I'm not stating that these Native American tribes has Egyptian lineage, but it IS a possibility. Why am I saying this about tribes over by the Grand Canyon? A long while ago, the Smithsonian paid a man to go on an expedition to find Egyptian artifacts in the Grand Canyon. He was said to have found mummies, and artifacts of all sorts, and around 1,500 steps carved into the side of one of the ridges. Where those steps led to was a cave, that could've housed 50,000 people. And that's not what did me in, made me believe this. What made me believe this, was the Elders of a Native American tribe, saying that there were pyramids in the Grand Canyon. Another thing, it seems to be that the government is hiding something down there. Aircraft aren't allowed to fly below the ridges, but Unmarked aircraft are. These Unmarked aircraft must be government aircraft, because, what else would they be?

I think the only real question is, why would the government be hiding the past? What's the government got to loose if the world finds out what's behind closed doors? What could be so important to keep secret? Is it to keep us from loosing our minds with fear? Did extraterrestrials have something to do with this? Is that the true secret that's being held? Or am I jumping the gun, and there's a much more simple reason?  

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1/9/2014 11:29:07 am

This is really a cool concept--why not turn it into a novel? You could totally pull this off and get a lot of people to read it. You've got everything--government conspiracy, ancient Egyptians, and history found in a really strange place. I say go for it!


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