Many will look at you funny if you're thirteen, and going to see an animated Disney movie at the theater. But who cares what other people think? Yes, many do, but I don't. And I love Disney, though, at times, I wish things were a little more realistic with word choice and reactions.
    I think that Disney, even for adults and teens, is a gateway back to your childhood dreams and imagination. That's why everyone still idolizes Mickey and Minnie Mouse. We all know who they are, and I haven't come across one person who has negative feelings toward Disney. 
    But, I seen Frozen in theater the day it came out last week. And I loved the story, the plot, and the animation graphics. It was amazing. The colors in the ice and snow, and how Elsa reacts. The beginning was so depressing, though. Poor Anna, I felt so bad for her that I was in tears in the beginning. But then the movie became upbeat and happy, like Zip-a-dee-doo-da. The snowman, Olaf, I think his name was, wanted to "Do whatever frozen things do in Summer." It made me happy and feel bad for the little guy. He was adorable!
    Any-who! I just had to share this video of Elsa with you on my blog. She, as I, does not care what others think, and can stand up for herself. I hope you like it as much as I do, but I don't think that's possible!

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