First off, happy New Year! I realize that since I've started my Can You Relate? daily blog, I haven't been blogging about every other blog topic. Fans of my other blogs, I am sorry.  And, seeing we're at that one holiday, where we make New Year's Resolutions, I've decided to make a few.

My First Resolution: This year, I resolve to NOT go a month without blogging once.

My Second Resolution: This year, I will finish and publish my first book!

My Third Resolution: This year, I will try and get more website viewers than my first year. I will try and get my website on more search engines, but I cant do the rest. Only you guys can. You can help me spread the word about my website. Thanks!

This hasn't happened to me in a few months, but it used to happen all the time. I'd try to stand up for "what was right", but was really actually kind of selfish. I realize that now, but didn't before. But, that's the beauty, or curse, of growing up. You have to learn some, loose some, and gain some.  Maybe that's also the beauty of life. Or curse of it... Maybe, beauty is a curse... Ha, I've added philosophy into a Can You Relate?! That's actually kind of weird. I'm weird. =D

So, the only question left to ask is, can you relate? LIKE if you can, or COMMENT and tell my few fans about it! They may become yours, too!

Okay, so remember how I said that this wasn't about make-up, or anything like that? Well... Okay, I take that back. This IS about make-up. Many rich, popular, teenage bi- brats (I was going to say, "brats," all along) say that make-up enhances true beauty. I say otherwise, because that is truly just a load of golden bull crap. Don't agree, girls? Think about it: true beauty is "inner beauty," or so says just about every fairy tale out there. Well, if that's true, character is a major part of inner beauty. And a major part of character is being able to show and be proud of your true-self, and that's you, without make-up. So, make-up is for those out there not bold enough to show their true selves, and, instead, choose to hide behind the mask of how they want others to see them.

However, I see another side in this equation. Make-up, for some people, is just an expression of inner emotion that they're too afraid to speak aloud. So, instead, they choose to express through their apparel and attire. Certain attire gives off certain vibes, leaving others to subconsciously understand it. Let's say, you and a couple of friends are walking through a shopping mall, having a good time and all. Then, you see someone all alone, dressed in  complete black, with make-up and dyed hair, with a frown upon his face, and an empty, far-away look in his/her eyes. Would you go up and talk to this person, if you hadn't been/weren't in that very same situation, or knew this person? If you would, you either live in a fairy tale world, are very stupid, or have some sort of death wish. If so, please go get some help. Less things to hear about that makes me think this world is pathetic on the news. Thanks! But, anyway, back on track.

So, yeah. I guess it depends on your situation about the whole make-up thing. But, most of the time, make-up is for teenage bi- ... Brats...

Have you ever realized something about yourself that you never really knew before? Well, the other day, I did. I used to think I wasn't afraid of anything. That may be a cliche to you, but it wasn't to me. I believed it, lived it, even. I wasn't scared of anything, except loosing those I love. And that wasn't really a fear, more like a worry. And I wasn't scared of death, I still don't fear it. But I did know that I hated heights, just wasn't exactly scared, because I love the idea of flight... And zip-lining. But, the other day - and you know that gymnasiums are BIG - in gym class, I realized something. I realized that I was scared of being out in the open.
It makes me feel vulnerable. I absolutely hate it. HATE it. I realized that I prefer having my back to a corner, so I can observe my surroundings. It makes me feel safe. When my back's facing nothing, and I'm in the middle of a room, I feel vulnerable, as I said before. I feel like someone's behind me, about to do something, anything. It bugs me way too much. It's like the opposite of being claustrophobic. I like being in a more confined space, though I hate being in a car, because I'm touching someone - I hate THAT too - and there's nowhere to move, but only for an hour or so.   According to research, I think I may have Agoraphobia, and it may also explain why I have a difficulty in trusting people, and why I'm anti-social. "Agoraphobia (from Greek αγορά, "gathering place"; and φόβος, φοβία, -phobia) is an anxiety disorder characterized by anxiety in situations where the sufferer perceives certain environments as dangerous or uncomfortable, often due to the environment's vast openness or crowdedness" 
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    "Alright, class, how many of you listen to music NO ONE else listens to?" My hand would've shot up immediately, if a teacher ever asked that question in class. I listen to Country, 80s Rock, & early 2000s Pop-Rock. That's my jam. I can't stand rap, for some reason. And certain Pop songs make me want to shove my fingers in my ears and scream, "La la la la la!" Who's with me there? Probably not many of you, if any of you.
    But, I'm guessing, that, at one point in time, you liked a song none of your friends liked. And then there's no one to talk to about that song, or, at least, no one that will listen to you and CARE. I've been there, most of my life. It sucks. Sometimes, you feel like you're alone, though you know it's not true. But now that I'm a little older, I listen to more of a variety of these genres, though I still despise Rap. It helps, alot. Now, I can talk about certain music I listen to. And, yes, people who are not understanding me. Music is a big deal in most teenagers' lives.
    But now that I've got your attention, and this is sort of the same thing, I'm basically invisible at school. No one talks to me except my friends, and I prefer it that way. I really hate Popular people, and now I've been noticed. Because I was bullied and stood up for myself. Don't get me wrong, a little bit of attention every once in a while I'm fine with. But, today, in Gym class, it was a 'Free Day,' you get to choose your sport and go off with your friends in class. But you can't tell people to go away, either.
    So, I was playing volley ball with two friends- we all had a chance to play, and hit the ball. And then came more people. I do believe there was about six people on each side of the tiny net. Me and my one friend agreed that it was no fun, but our other friend stayed and played. So, me and my other friend went off to a corner by ourselves and bounced a ball back and forth. And let me tell you, it was WAY more fun than standing around acting like I wasn't pushed off to the side in the volley ball game.
    And what does this have to do with music that no one except me likes, you ask? Simple: it's sometimes better to be invisible, & to like music none of your friends do. It makes thing not boring, and adds variety.
 I, like everybody, have my favorite sayings, and philosophies. That are mine originally, but, you may spread them if you like! Spread my ideas! NOTE: I'd like to think of my ideas as original, although, no thought is considered 'original,' That's also another one of my theories. That all knowledge was known before. So if you've thought of, or heard of any of these before, maybe I'm subconsciously remembering it, or have come to the same conclusion.

Everyone has their own little bit of weirdness, whether it's covered or not, it's still there. So... In a way, if everyone is weird, then weird is normal, and normal is... Well, weird and boring. Who would wanna be that?

So, embrace your weirdness, peoples! That is my motto, if I have such a thing. Embrace your weirdness, the weirdness, and the unknown.

I'm also a total conspiracy theorist. And I have no idea if people have thought of these before, and they probably have, but still.

So Heaven and the Underworld are supposed to be opposites, right? Well, IF the Underworld is hot and fiery and humid, then Heaven must be cold, icey, and nonhumid (is that a word?). Who would wanna live/after-live there? Plus, Heaven is supposed to be perfect, and perfect is boring. why would we want boring?

And, another thing. Okay, so in Asgardian Mythology, there are 9 realms. One of which is the realm of the Elfs. In the Blue Planet Project, there is a race of extraterrestrials nicknamed the "Nordics", for their slightly taller height, and their extremely blond hair. Sound familiar? And, back then, their technology would, to us, look like "magic". They are known in myth for their connection to nature. Maybe they're the Eco-geeks of the universe, for all I know. And 9 realms, maybe 9 planets.  And, why does the number 3, seem to be everywhere with our ancients? In our DNA? It's like it's programmed in our brains to be special. Why? Were there originally only 3 planets sustaining life, and that others were created as experiment? Is that so hard to believe, I mean, come on, we already know the U.S. government's been doing it! Remember that pig-thing-
-that washed up on the shore? Aw, yeah, you do. Gonna tell me that was nature? In the middle of the ocean? I mean, does that even make sense to you? If it does, your head's not right and you need to get it checked out. Seriously, go to the psychologist.

And we've always thought of the Underworld-God, I'm getting tired of saying that-as being under us, in the ground. The Reptoids, also a extraterrestrial race from the Blue Planet Project, is said to be living in quarters underground. This race is also said to be savage, like, say... Demons? Is this where part of our religions come from? Things we can't understand?

Next time you hear or see something you think can be easily explained, or even if it's hard to explain, THINK ABOUT IT. See where it takes you. Time and time again, those who question what others deem as 100% correct, are those who have written the simple knowledge of today. Question everything, or forever stay the same, not advancing, nor evolving. It's your choice.

Don't stop reading. I'm serious. When the word 'Aliens' comes to mind, what do
you think of? UFO' s, pseudoscience, and a bunch of nerdy believers? Well,
surely not Free Masons, George Washington, and the guy who invented a working
lightbulb? That's where I come in. My life is devoted to only a few things: my
grades, my family, my friends, and getting people to see the rationality of
extraterrestrial beings. I know basically everything there is to know, that the
government will allow. And, I know, if the government was hiding something, no
one would even come close to thinking aliens existed, and we all have rights.
Rights including the right of knowledge. See, that's where most are wrong. We do
not have that right. At all.
Oh? You say that's bull? Think again, why be so
secretive about a base, that holds no secrets at all, as the government claims.
And what better way to hide something than right in front of our eyes? If you
let certain things slide, just like if nothing was happening, no one smart would
think anything of it. Just a bit of phoney ruckus. Incorrect again.
Any one
who pays the least of attention to conspiracies would have heard of Area 51, or
the Roswell Incident, as its called, nowadays. Aren't clear on the Roswell
Incident? The UFO crash that was claimed to be a weather balloon in Roswell, on
July 8th, 1947. After many witnesses, including military retirees, classes to
have seen small corpses of other-worldly origins. And, the people who originally
were at the site, claimed it to be Aliens. Then, a few days later, some higher
order decided to come out with the Weather Balloon Lie. And Area 51 is one of
the most top secret military bases that have been known about.
And did you
know that Benjamin Franklin believed in plurality- that our planet was not the
only planet inhabited by intelligent beings? Well, he did. It is also known that
George Washington saw Green Skins, as he called them, before defeating the
British at Valley Forge. He thought the Green Skins to be local Native
Americans, covered in war paints. He also noted that the Green Skins were
unusually short. Sounds familiar? Thomas Jefferson also reported seeing an
Unidentified Flying Object crash, after hovering above in the sky for quite some
time. When the door from the crash was extinguished, he, and others went to the
site. An object that size should have left a crater, Thomas Jefferson decided.
But it didn't. He called together a meeting with some of the most famous and
intelligent people on the country at that time. They all agreed. Strange,
indeed, isn't it?
Believe it. It's there, whether you choose to ignore it or