Hiya! I've recently reconsidered my retiring the Can You Relate? blog. Though, I'm not exactly sure that that's the best idea. My question to you, as my audience, would be what you'd like. Would that interest you?

<3 The Teen Blogger

Well, I haven't had anyone like or comment on a Can You Relate? blog, yet. So, tomorrow is the one week anniversary of it. And if no one comments or likes one- just one!- of my Can You Relate? posts by tomorrow at midnight, I'm letting the blog go. It will be cancelled. Unless someone takes the first step, and will be the first to EVER like one of my blogs, I will be cancelling the Can You Relate? blog FOR GOOD.
Okay, big news that I've got here! BIG! Wait for it.... Drum roll please.... I got Microsoft Office today!!!!!! Okay, teen author moment over now. Well, do you know what this means? It'll give me the chance to FINALLY start writing like a professional! That makes me so happy! That also means I'll be publishing and editing my first book very soon!
First off, happy New Year! I realize that since I've started my Can You Relate? daily blog, I haven't been blogging about every other blog topic. Fans of my other blogs, I am sorry.  And, seeing we're at that one holiday, where we make New Year's Resolutions, I've decided to make a few.

My First Resolution: This year, I resolve to NOT go a month without blogging once.

My Second Resolution: This year, I will finish and publish my first book!

My Third Resolution: This year, I will try and get more website viewers than my first year. I will try and get my website on more search engines, but I cant do the rest. Only you guys can. You can help me spread the word about my website. Thanks!

Hiya! I've started two new books since my last blog author update. One, is a remake of Beliefs Before Blood, and the other is a simple project I'm working on with my friends. We're always saying how immature we are, and how different we are, how we're the outcasts of our school. Life at school is really amusing, and hilarious! And when I say, "immature," I mean we say the strangest things, all the time. Imagine being a teenage girl in the group of misfits, then imagine the daily life of 'em. This project is what we're beginning to call Immaturity. 
But back to Beliefs Before Blood, new story, plot, and characters. Wanna see what I'm leaning on for the back cover? Well, here it is, and don't forget to tell me what you think:

Four years ago, I thought I knew everything. 

Four years ago, I was day-dreaming about the supernatural. 
Four years ago, I was living in ignorant bliss, not knowing what secrets were hidden in the four corners of the Earth, but I was wishing I did.
But now I do know, and I wish I didn't. Because it's far worse than anything I ever could've imagined, and I was a part of it. A part of that
But I can't be any longer. So I'm going to hide in the one place that's too obvious for anyone to find me: home.
And I'm fine with the decision I've made, to forever stay alone. The question is, is fate?

So.... Whatchya thinkin'? Wanna read it? 
Yes. I want to be a best-selling author, who writes great books. Just like every
other book-obsessed teenager.
But.... I just can't. No matter how hard I try,
how much I plan, and how much I wrote, my stories just fade. I mean, if I get
bored of writing it, how could anyone stay interested in reading it? Is this
just nerves and paranoia, or, is that normal for authors? Does it just depends
on your persistence?  
So I need help. Some tips, if you
If you are an author, please answer the following questions by
emailing to the contract below.

How do you create you

How do you get your ideas? Do they just pop up during random

I prefer to write and read from first-person point of view, any
suggestions on that?

And I can't stay in the same time tense, I'll
randomly skip around from present- to past-tense. How do you do it.

how do you get it to seem like your not trying to explain little details that
you'd already know if you were the character?
How do you create setting and

Please answer these, and thank

My first blog. Wow. Okay, so what made me want to start a blog, and website? My best friend, Taylor, started her own. And I thought, "Hey, that is a great idea! I want to so totally do that!" Well, maybe not that cheerily, because... I'm just not like that. But it sounded cool, so I'm sticking with it. So... What does a blogger blog about? I don't know. Don't ask me, I'm the newbie, remember? Well, I'm shy, and writing is the only way I can truly let my personality show. I guess my new website is the way I can finally be me.

 Okay, so, I had a bit of an emotional breakdown at lunch during school today. My newest bud, Andrea, was talking about memories and five years ago and all that, when a switch flipped inside of me. That's the best I can explain it. I burst into a small fit of tears because my best friend, who recently moved three hours up north, and I met five years ago. And then it was over. As soon as it started. And I'm sitting here now, thinking, "That isn't normal. At all." Maybe I'm bipolar or something. At this point, I guess it wouldn't be too surprising. Oh, well.

I want to give a shout-out to my friends and family- you know who you are, and I
dedicate this to you.