Don't stop reading. I'm serious. When the word 'Aliens' comes to mind, what do
you think of? UFO' s, pseudoscience, and a bunch of nerdy believers? Well,
surely not Free Masons, George Washington, and the guy who invented a working
lightbulb? That's where I come in. My life is devoted to only a few things: my
grades, my family, my friends, and getting people to see the rationality of
extraterrestrial beings. I know basically everything there is to know, that the
government will allow. And, I know, if the government was hiding something, no
one would even come close to thinking aliens existed, and we all have rights.
Rights including the right of knowledge. See, that's where most are wrong. We do
not have that right. At all.
Oh? You say that's bull? Think again, why be so
secretive about a base, that holds no secrets at all, as the government claims.
And what better way to hide something than right in front of our eyes? If you
let certain things slide, just like if nothing was happening, no one smart would
think anything of it. Just a bit of phoney ruckus. Incorrect again.
Any one
who pays the least of attention to conspiracies would have heard of Area 51, or
the Roswell Incident, as its called, nowadays. Aren't clear on the Roswell
Incident? The UFO crash that was claimed to be a weather balloon in Roswell, on
July 8th, 1947. After many witnesses, including military retirees, classes to
have seen small corpses of other-worldly origins. And, the people who originally
were at the site, claimed it to be Aliens. Then, a few days later, some higher
order decided to come out with the Weather Balloon Lie. And Area 51 is one of
the most top secret military bases that have been known about.
And did you
know that Benjamin Franklin believed in plurality- that our planet was not the
only planet inhabited by intelligent beings? Well, he did. It is also known that
George Washington saw Green Skins, as he called them, before defeating the
British at Valley Forge. He thought the Green Skins to be local Native
Americans, covered in war paints. He also noted that the Green Skins were
unusually short. Sounds familiar? Thomas Jefferson also reported seeing an
Unidentified Flying Object crash, after hovering above in the sky for quite some
time. When the door from the crash was extinguished, he, and others went to the
site. An object that size should have left a crater, Thomas Jefferson decided.
But it didn't. He called together a meeting with some of the most famous and
intelligent people on the country at that time. They all agreed. Strange,
indeed, isn't it?
Believe it. It's there, whether you choose to ignore it or

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