I, like everybody, have my favorite sayings, and philosophies. That are mine originally, but, you may spread them if you like! Spread my ideas! NOTE: I'd like to think of my ideas as original, although, no thought is considered 'original,' That's also another one of my theories. That all knowledge was known before. So if you've thought of, or heard of any of these before, maybe I'm subconsciously remembering it, or have come to the same conclusion.

Everyone has their own little bit of weirdness, whether it's covered or not, it's still there. So... In a way, if everyone is weird, then weird is normal, and normal is... Well, weird and boring. Who would wanna be that?

So, embrace your weirdness, peoples! That is my motto, if I have such a thing. Embrace your weirdness, the weirdness, and the unknown.

I'm also a total conspiracy theorist. And I have no idea if people have thought of these before, and they probably have, but still.

So Heaven and the Underworld are supposed to be opposites, right? Well, IF the Underworld is hot and fiery and humid, then Heaven must be cold, icey, and nonhumid (is that a word?). Who would wanna live/after-live there? Plus, Heaven is supposed to be perfect, and perfect is boring. why would we want boring?

And, another thing. Okay, so in Asgardian Mythology, there are 9 realms. One of which is the realm of the Elfs. In the Blue Planet Project, there is a race of extraterrestrials nicknamed the "Nordics", for their slightly taller height, and their extremely blond hair. Sound familiar? And, back then, their technology would, to us, look like "magic". They are known in myth for their connection to nature. Maybe they're the Eco-geeks of the universe, for all I know. And 9 realms, maybe 9 planets.  And, why does the number 3, seem to be everywhere with our ancients? In our DNA? It's like it's programmed in our brains to be special. Why? Were there originally only 3 planets sustaining life, and that others were created as experiment? Is that so hard to believe, I mean, come on, we already know the U.S. government's been doing it! Remember that pig-thing-
-that washed up on the shore? Aw, yeah, you do. Gonna tell me that was nature? In the middle of the ocean? I mean, does that even make sense to you? If it does, your head's not right and you need to get it checked out. Seriously, go to the psychologist.

And we've always thought of the Underworld-God, I'm getting tired of saying that-as being under us, in the ground. The Reptoids, also a extraterrestrial race from the Blue Planet Project, is said to be living in quarters underground. This race is also said to be savage, like, say... Demons? Is this where part of our religions come from? Things we can't understand?

Next time you hear or see something you think can be easily explained, or even if it's hard to explain, THINK ABOUT IT. See where it takes you. Time and time again, those who question what others deem as 100% correct, are those who have written the simple knowledge of today. Question everything, or forever stay the same, not advancing, nor evolving. It's your choice.

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